Wednesday, June 25, 2008


June 25, 2008

Still no cats. In the beginning I hoped to have them here by now. Brian says the hotel room is too small and maybe they should stay there till we get into a house. Maybe he is right, but I miss my cat.

The vet messed up their last appointment. All I asked for was their health check (for the plane) and rabies shot. He gave them all their vaccines. I just get rabies shots for my cats. He always wants to give them all their shots and tests. He even ran a Leukemia test on them. It was supposed to be $88 for what I asked. I left the money with my dad. The vet decided to do everything and it cost about $250. My dad had to pay. I feel awful. I called and tried to see if I could work something out, since he did more than what I asked for without my permission. But I guess my dad let him and he was the one taking them. I’m in California. The vet is in Ohio. I don’t know what else I can do. Just write a check for my dad.

I want to live in Lompoc. We haven’t found a place here yet. Keep praying for God to bring us to our house quickly. Lompoc would be perfect. It’s close to everything we need, close to Brian’s work, close to the homeschool group and youth center. And that seems like a good idea with gas prices the way they are. Plus just saving on time. But I know that where God puts us will be the perfect place. I just hope His perfect and mine match up this time.

I am growing impatient. Already. We haven’t been here that long. I’m not really impatient about finding a house. I’m impatient about getting involved. We have our library cards. Brian, Connor and Gavin got theirs on Sunday. I felt weird about applying for a library card with an out of state address. It went well. I decided to get mine yesterday. A different lady was in charge and she gave me a hard time. But she looked up my husband’s and saw there were other out of state cards and gave me my card. We have books and the boys are in the Reading Program. We haven’t done a reading program since Kindergarten days.

I am trying to sign up for the Base Youth Center, but I don’t have an address yet.
There is an animal shelter here that is mostly cats. My boys want to volunteer there.

Oh, there is a 50 cent fee here for inter library loans. I’m not used to that. It was free where we lived in Ohio. I looked up some of the series the kids and I read and they are not all at 1 location, but spread over 2-3 locations.

I really need to not get too involved in case we end up in Santa Maria and not here.
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