Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm back

I have such an "Off Again- On Again" relationship with blogging.

I decided I want to be more consistent about blogging; at least for the next few weeks.

So, you all have missed a lot in my absence. Let me tell ya....

The biggest news being that my older 2 boys are boarding an airplane today to fly to Ohio. For good. They will be living with my parents and, hopefully, getting summer jobs.
Brian's job transfers him there sometimes end of summer; at which point we will all be there as a whole family.

I had a week and half to prepare for this. That's about 8 days when the doctor and dentist offices are actually open to call about last minute plans and appointments. 1 and half weeks to get everything done at the last minute... The Last Beach Trip, The Last Amtgard, The Last Joint Computer Games in the same room, the last youth group get-together. I, being mom, was much more frantic about 'one more trip to the beach' and 'one more pizza with friends' than my boys were. They will thank me, though, one day... or not.

Brian has been working longer hours at the office, too.

With Gavin and Connor gone and Brian working longer hours, it is just Kiel and me all day. Hopefully he won't get too bored with me. Hopefully I won't turn him into a housewife with too much cleaning and gardening.

thankfully, Ki has his Amtgard where he can go and beat people with foam weapons and get beaten on my others with foam weapons, to keep him manly. or as manly as my 15 yr old needs to be.

Ki is already runing the place. He's decided we need to THOROUGHLY clean the house, starting with the kitchen. Ki the Task-Master.

Oh, not only does he have me cleaning he has me on  a diet. He decided we should take the No Chewing Challenge. So for the rest of the week we will be living on Protein Shakes and the Juicer.

And I know he has an exercise plan. His exercise plans usually involve way too many walking lunges.

I tink he just wants to wear me out so I forget to finish his math and science this school year.

Ki is taking a cake decorating class...
this is his cake from Monday's class -->

And here are some cupcakesn (League of Legends) he made to take to Amtgard for the going away party...

*** THE NEXT POSTS will be a Series of Ki & I Adventures- to journal these weeks that Ki and I are on our one. His first time as "An Only Child"...LOL So, continue reading to see if we survive with 60% of the family in Ohio.
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