Thursday, April 12, 2012


 "Put the camera down, Grab onto the end there and pull really hard...... "
Ki needed help getting the 't' connector off of the PVC pipe.

He has some weapon planned.  Something that requires the use of the band saw, of course. I always cringe inside when they use that. I'm glad we are close to the ER.

Yes, one of our house rules is:
"Don't use the band saw before mom is awake and out of her bedroom in the morning"

There is nothing quite like be awaken at 6:30 AM but the sound of the band saw in the garage....

Ki and I Adventures: Day 2

 A quite morning nourished with fruit smoothies that have been infused with protein powder. I just added to the left over protein/fruit smoothie from yesterday.

Ki & I then spent 3.5 hours volunteering at the animal shelter. I answered the phone and made sure people signed in and used hand sanitizer. Ki folded and stuffed envelopes. He also got bags of food from out back to people coming in that feed strays. I had to stop 4 barefoot little boys from bringing a dog into the building. The oldest was carrying the youngest boy and the next to oldest was struggling to carry a black dog. 3 boys were barefoot, and 1 was walking around outside in socks. I doubt they spoke English. It was kinda sad- we had to turn down taking their puppy; which means those little boys have to tak their puppy to County Animal Services. CAS euthanizes. Hopefully those boys don't know that.

Ki & I drove through a HUGE puddle, splashing both sides of the van and coating the windshield in muddy puddle spray. This aways makes me laugh hysterically.

Then it was on to Home Depot and the Baby Bottle Clinic to drop of a bottle of coins.

I am glad it was a less busy day so I could take a nap.

Ki is at church youth group right now. I really should go clean the kitchen. I started to straighten the couch and found my lost knitting needle and that was the end of cleaning. I'm finally back to knitting the chroma scarf.

(Yes, we are still holding strong on our No Chewing Challenge... and we are planning a wonderful food-filled Sunday!!!- but no exercise today)

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