Saturday, April 14, 2012


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Today, Ki went with me to Knitting Group. I had to drive him to Amtgard when done knitting, so it didn't make sense to drive there, home, there, home....

I had to take Ivan to the hospital today for his vision problem. They coulnd't fix him. He had to be terminated. But he will be reaplaced with a better Ivan. An Ivan with TWO working eyes. But I will be without Ivan the iPad for about a week or two. No more Netflix and Knitting while in my comfy bed.

Here is picture of  Ivan in his carrier..

here is Ki writing character descriptions for a game.

Ki and I are excited to eat solid foods tomorrow!! Today was the last day of No Chewing Challenge.

Ki & I did well. I think Ki may realize how ofter he snacks out of boredom. I was only hungry the first day really. By Friday I wasn't hungry between meals. I did notice that I drink a lot less water when I am drinking all my meals. But, I also was out of bubbly water. I drink less water when I don't have the bubbly stuff.

I think I actually miss preparing foods than eating them..LOL. I look forward to having Pancake Buffet with Ki tomorrow morning. We have pancake batter and bowls of add-in ingredients. and make our owb custom pancakes.

Fot lunch I will be making Turkey Chili Veggie Stew. But Ki will have The Blue Box Mac and Cheese.
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