Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Ki & I Adventures

Ki & I dropped G&C off at the Santa Maria airport at 6:50 AM for their 3+ hour shuttle ride to the LAX airport. I woke at 5:10.

It went well.

Ki & I came home and rested. I dozed and watched a little Dr Who. He played on the computer.

Ki decided to start our "No Chewing Challenge" today. (there had been a little talk of starting Thursday.

After out resting Ki & I made fruit smoothie protein drinks for breakfast, cleaned a bunch, did some exercises. Ki announced today's number was 12. So we did 12 sit ups, 12 squats, 12 walking lunges, 12 push ups, 12 hip drops. We were going to bike ride 12 minutes but it keeps raining.

After lunch of chocolate protein drinks, we went to the animal shelter for volunteer orientation. Ki is volunteering with the cats on Wednesday mornings. I decided, last minute, to volunteer helping in the office on Thursdays because Bobbie mentioned she hoped there would be an office volunteer as they no longer had a worker Thursday mornings. None of the volunteers signed up for the office slot and I had been slightly debating it since Ki signed up last week.. so I took it as my clue to help in the office.

Ki & I finished cleaning and exercises when we got home.

Ki & I then drank a lovely dinner of Juicer concoction (and talked of yummy, chewing homemade preztels). Ki's was just GrannySmith Apples, so it wasn't really a concoction. Mine was; 2 carrots, a cucumber, plum, ginger, and strawberries.

Ki & I played card games while we drank our dinner.

Gavin and Connor were unable to call when they landed in Chicago for their layover because their flight was late and the basically ran from 1 plane to the next.. BUT they made it and didn't have to spend the night in Chicago on their own and are safe with Brian in Ohio.

Ki & I retired with chai lattes around 8:30. Ki to his LOL game and me to blogging and watching Netflix.
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