Sunday, April 15, 2012


Wow, has it been 5 days already?

Is it really Sunday? It feels like it should be Saturday. Except We ate pancakes for breakfast. And went to church.

Yes, Ki & I survived our No Chewing Adventures. 4 days of Protein shakes and Juicer umm, juices.

Things I learned:
1- Ki likes Blueberry. Not the actually berries, but like in a poptart or jam or even in a protein shake.
2- When I drink all my meals I forget to actually drink enough water.
3- Ki snacks mostly out of boredom. He didn't snack these past 4 days. as a snack of drinking just isn't appealing when you are already drinking all your meals.
4- Hmm, I guess I only learned those 3 things.

When I woke this morning around 6:30 Ki had a bowl of Chex Mix out on the table for us. The good kind with the rye bagel chips.

Oh, I think I missed salty/crunchy more than actual 'chewing'.

After popping a handful of salty crunchy delight into my mouth, Ki and I got to work on Breakfast. It had been decided that we would enjoy Pancake Buffet to herald ourselves back into the world of solid foods.
I chopped apples and coated them with cinnamon and put pecan pieces into a bowl. Oh, and miniature chocolate chips into a 3rd bowl. Ki mixed up the batter. We cheated and used a pancake mix.

I love pancakes with cinnamon apples and pecans!! Ki had 1 chocolate chip pancake and 1 pecan pancake. He also had a mini pancake with apple pieces, to try it. I had 2 apple & pecan pancakes. Our pancakes were small. I guess 'normal', but small compared to getting pancakes at IHOP or some other breakfast restaurant.

Yes, I know that pancakes after a 'juicer type fast' are NOT the best idea. But after we ate our 2 pancakes and were completely stuffed, we took a nap. Carb Coma. MMMmmmm!

So we ended up going to the 11:00 church service.

Ki and I cleaned out the van while listening to Mariachi Music being pipes through the air from the local fairground. Well something Mexican. It was kinda fun to listen to the 1st hour, but by 4PM we had enough!@!

Ki wanted to bend some PVPC pipe. He asked to use my oven as our firepit died (rusted out). I told him to just use the grill. Which would have been a brilliant idea had it not been for the fact that someone left the gas valve open and it was empty. So I told him to just use the wheelbarrow. He was kinda shocked. "Really??"

me: "sure, why not? It's not gonna burn a hole in it or anything."

Ki: "Our old firepit got the bottom burnt out, though..."

me: "oh, it'l be fine for 1 use."

So Ki built a fire in the wheelbarrow to warm the PVC pipe and bend it to shape.

HEY! there's my square white laundry basket! I was looking for that earlier!

** Now it is time to sautee veggies and make rice to bring to the Taco Buffet at our Gospel Community Gathering tonight.... **

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