Saturday, April 21, 2012

Twofer / KIA[9&10]

Yes, it is a TWOFER post!
2 days for the post of ONE!
What a steal! Grab it while you can!!

When last you left the Dynamic Duo, it was day number 8 of their Adventures!

Days 9 and 10 ran by so quickly the Blogging part of the Dynamic Duo didn't get around to blogging of all their great and mighty adventures!

So, without further ado....

Thursday Day #9

Thursday found our Matriarch of the duo at the grocery store. Twice. Her SuperHero Transport needs a new kickstand so it can stand properly in the bike lock up at the stores.

Her zooming about allowed the 15 year old to make a wonderful treat! ( recipe )

But in her haste to secure great taste, she forgot about her volunteer position at the Animal Shelter.

The the Dynamic Due had some friends over for a visit and afterwards went to see a Movie: Hunger Games-- more on that later.....
there was barely time to pick up danny and get the boys to church, but she managed to delivery them in the nick of time.

She then had time to whip up a double batch of Rosemary-Garlic Pizza Crust. ( recipe )
Friday was another busy day for our Duo. But not as sun as Pretzels and Movies.. at least not the begining of the day.

Friday, Day #10, was filled with house cleaining and a double batch of plain pizza crust. And more cleaning. With a trip to a friends to buy some Enchilada Plates. MMMmmm!

Friday night was the enjoyable part of the day. A few good friends came over to help the Dynamic Duo eat yummy homemade pizzas and play games.

Some More Pictures: The younger half of the Duo fashioned a Fastener Chain for wall decor-->

If you missed why these 2 are on their own this month, you can go read the start of their Dynamic Journey HERE....

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