Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Easy Life! (KIA[8])

Yes, I miss my husband. Yes, I miss my older boys.  But I talk to them and know they are safe and I will see them soon.

I say all that so you don't think too poorly of me when I annnounce how much I am loving this life! Just my 15 yr old and me. We wake when we want, I only need to do laundry once a week. I can get away with 2-3 bags of groceries for the WHOLE week! (and the whole bed to myself is pretty nice, too, especially sans my husbands Restess Leg Syndrome kicking)

AND BEST--- We have grab a spoon and eat half a watermelon for dinner!

Yesterday, Wednesday the our first day in WEEK 2 of being 'Us 2'
Week Two of Ki & I Adventures. (KIA)

The day started as they all do, laid back, reading, a little computer time,  he empties the trash, I wash a few dishes...
I have my protein shake. My stomach seems to do much better with just a llittle liquid protein as opposed to 'real food'. (more on that later)

A little later we drive out to the local animal shleter where Ki volunteers with the kitties. Dear, sweet, cuddly kitties.
Ki broke up 5 cat fights the first hour. Elvis the fluffy grey cat was in a bad mood. Stalking and fighting with all the other cats and when they weren't close enough to fight, he'd fight his reflection in the mirror.

Then Purrcey knocked a water bowl from a shelf onto the floor. We are not sure WHY the waterbowl was elevated like it was. It took a whole roll of paper towels to mop it up.

After our fun with kitties, we read more, and just chilled at home....
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