Friday, September 16, 2011

Bake A Cake

Today is Ki's Birthday! He is 15.

He asked for tacos for dinner and eating out at Del Taco was decided.
YEAH! (for the no-cooking part)

In order to help Dashnyam with acquiring and comprehending the English language, I handed him the cake mix box and told him follow the directions and bake the cake and to ask me if he needed help or did not understand something.

This was proceeded by talk concerning his low grade in History class and his need to ASK for help, say when he does not understand, and not waste his time just staring at words or talking as if he does understand.

I showed him the list/picture of the needed ingredients and I showed him the 3 steps. He read. I had the cups and oil and egg box out.
STEP 1 was to heat the oven and grease the pan.

I asked him what he was to do for step 1. He picked pup the measuring cup.

I asked him again, what does STEP 1 say to do. I pointed to where STEP 1 was on the box. He read. He stood there. He stared at the box. Eventually I asked if he understood what we was to do. He said no. I asked him why he did not ask me for help. He of course said he didn't know. I reminded him that he is to ask when he needs help or let me know when there is something he does understand. I then explained what was meant by "Heat the oven to 350" and showed him how to do that.

I found the pans and told him to use the cooking spray (He and Ki used if yesterday for banana bread, so he was familiar with it). He sprayed the pans and then went on to step 2.

He did step 2 (mix all the ingredient.) He plugged int he beater and mixed the cake. After I explained to not turn them on before he put them into the batter and too hold them upright.

I asked him what was next. He read and asked me "Is this the pan?"- pointing to the cake pan.

He had never baked a cake so I asked him if he knew what cakes did in the oven when they cook. I asked him if they filled the bread pan to the top with batter. (no) and if the banana bread was up to the top of the pan when it was done cooking. (yes). I told him the cakes will get taller when cooked, so only fill the pans halfway.

We talked about how the round pan was less full and the square pan was more full, so the round pan would cook faster. We read the package about cook times. I pointed to the different times. I pointed to the 'cupcakes' and asked him if we made 'cupcakes'. He said "yes.". Me: Do you know what cupcakes are?
Dash: no
Me: if you don't know, then don't say yes. Ask what they are.

ME: I will ask you again. Did we make cupcakes?

Dash- Yes.

Me- If you do not know what cupcakes are, then when I ask if we made cupcakes you need to say to me that you don't know what cupcakes are. Let's try again.

Me- Did we make cupcakes, Dash?

Dash- I don't know what are cupcakes.

Me- I explained what they are and then asked him if that is what we made. He said no.
We found the cook time for the round pans and I told him to check sooner because our round pan was less full.

I told him when to check the cake and how to use a skewer to check if they are done.

He asked about turning off the oven. (He seemed concerned it was still hot, but figured it out. I can't imagine he really thought it would be cool right away, maybe he just didn't know how to know for sure it was off)

He inverted the pans and cut the bump of the bottom cake so he can stack them.

And he iced them.

He has started to ask me to explain how to do things and letting me know when he does not understand!
I think the cake making activity has been good for communication and comprehension!

Dashnyam's Very First Cake!



Stacie said...

Hooray for Dash!

It's so good for him that you take the time and patiently encourage and teach him. I wonder how many host families take the time to do that?

How does he get along with the boys?

Kimberly said...

Someone has to make sure he learns English; I don't really trust our local Spanish-Speaking school to do a good job of it.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Hi Do not know why you went to Feb. and also why it is out of date for you... Bec. I post quite a lot. Anyways here is the addy for my last post. Lucy

Any blog you come to - you can try either refreshing the blog - to get the latest OR try going to the top of the blog and clicking on it that way... it will be refreshed. hmmmm... wonder if anyone else is having problems? Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

I know where you went and found an out of date blog.... I started Lucysdabblings and did not get very far. The one I use is this one Mixed Medium Musings. I am hoping one day to do so much art that I will grow Lucys Dabblings - by putting pictures on. And yes, I disabled the commenting on that one. The last comment for the one is quite a few months old.... hmmmmmm maybe this is a sign I need to get with it and do up Lucys Dabblings... I am making a bit of art .... maybe it is time. Thanks for commenting.

Mary said...

Good for him- great job!

Julianna said...

Hooray for him!

Cake looks great and I'm sure it was tasty!

How great it is that you are willing to work with him. Sadly, I don't think the pubic school will do that with him.

They barely like to do that with the students that do speak english...


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