Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After his classes, we took Dashnyam to the Farmer's Market . He was offered a piece of plum. The stand owner used a wooden skewer to hand them out. I held the skewer with the piece of plum out fr Dashnyam. He leaned forward and ate it off the skewer, much to the chagrin of the stand owner, who instantly felt bad for his reaction as it made Dashnyam feel bad.

We then walked to the Apple Guy. The apple guy is really nice. He always makes us smile for a free sample. He was handing a sample to Dashnyam then told him he has to smile first, it's their rule. Dashnyam didn't understand him at first, so I repeated it slowly. I told Apple Guy "this is our exchange student from Mongolia that I mentioned last week." (because I am SURE he remembers MY conversation from all the farmers markets he goes to almost daily.) He shook Dashnyams hand and introduced himself (and I STILL can not remember his name) and asked Daashnyam a few questions.

We then walked to the ice cream store (on the far side of the parking lot). I bought the boys cones, we walked back to the van, then had to buy crickets and bloodworms. We went to PetSmart. We walked around with Dashnyam looking at the fish, birds, cats, etc. Dashnyam said they only have dogs for pets in Mongolia. His family doesn't have a dog though. I wonder how accurate that is. I can't imagine a place without cats as pets, or frogs, or other 'non-dog' animals.

Once home, I realized I forgot to buy lasagna noodles, so I biked to Von's while D&G picked tomatoes and C&K brought the laundry in from the line. They played on the computer while I cooked stuff. I then had Dashnyam, Connor, and Ki assemble the 2 lasagnas. MMMMMmmmm, the lasagna was YUMMY!! Dashnyam loved it, too. Connor always loves lasagna.

Brian took G&D to buy wood for making a bunk bed, K&C stayed home. Me, too. So I could type this blog.

I got a recorded message from the school today, informing me Dashnyam was Absent for his first class today and it is unexcused and I need to turn in a note....... UM- He did not even get his class schedule until 9:30-- AFTER the first period class was over anyway!! The school is the one who decided to not givehim his schedule yesterday like was originally planned. and now I have to turn in a note for him unexcused absence.
DAY 1 and I am ALREADY SICK of dealing with the public school!


Oh, his schedule! He got English, US History, and PE:Aquatics. School is from 8:30-2:30. YEAH!!!! I am kinda glad he did not get the extra morning class or the extra evening class- as that would make the school day from 7:30-3:30. The morning would have been 'ok', but I am mostly glad he gets out at 2:30 so we have time for things like the beach and farmers markets and other fun activities! And he goes in ate enough we can eat breakfast with him!
And I'm sure he'll learn lots from us, probably more than if he had those extra classes. He'll be with us for reading Story of the World. I'll have him read part of it out aloud (my boys all do this) and I think I'll ask Brian to do a little math with maybe.

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