Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Truth Is....... I am very glad my boys are NOT in the local public high school. Day 3 of dealing with the school system and I am ALREADY fed-up with it. And let's not EVEN get into me having to be on a Public School schedule.

Truth Is...... I fired my lazer.

Truth Is..... I don't know if I will make it to my next acupuncture appointment.

Truth Is.... I should have opted for a massage instead of acupunture, or maybe both.

Truth Is.... I enjoy this big, busy mess of hosting a foreign exchange student! And Dashnyam is a great kid! (read about Dashnyam HERE)

Truth Is... I need to stop hosting foreign kids because each time I do my list of "Countries I want to Visit" gets longer..... Or maybe just host from countries I have already visited.... but where's the fun in THAT?

Truth Is... it is time to color my hair; cover those greys again.

Truth Is.... the boys will have more school work/less unschool this year. Sort of. Though in high school, unschool often still looks a bit like 'curriculum/classes' in a way. They decided what they wanted to learn and now will have to follow the text book/course guide and do it. I got a Lapbook/ journal for Ki to do with his science. I am sure he will "Make it His Own" though.

~ His text book, journal, and audio CD arrived today, but they sent the wrong text book, so we have to wait a week to get that to use to plan his science days.

Truth Is..... I am tired and feel to brain-dead to think of anymore "Truths."
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