Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I will start this entry off by answering a few questions:

(from Julianna-)
So, I'm facinated. Are you home schooling him as well, or is he going to HS and benifitting from your home school adventures?

Is he completely fluent in English? How long is he staying? Is there any culture shock?

Inquiring minds want to know. :)

He will be attending the local high school as soon as everyone gets their act together, gets a schedule, ect. He took a placement test on Monday and has a meeting Wed morning about his schedule. I have no idea if he will start classes Wed or later. I am not home schooling him, but I'm sure he will benefit from time to time, from what we have going on here plus he'll be able to understand me. Some of the teachers at the high school are native Spanish Speakers who speak English as a 2nd language and are often difficult to understand for a foreigner in a class room setting.

He is NOT fluent in English but speaks well enough for us to have conversations. I learned that McDonalds has not invaded Mongolia yet!

I am not sure about culture shock, but he is getting over Jet Lag finally.

He and his friends back home have Facebook accounts and he plays Call of Duty on the computer at home.

Now for Day 2 of the Dashnyam Chronicles:

I was very tired this morning and a tad headachey. and very hungry.
My morning shower didn't even help me feel more awake. No matter. There was work to be done. My boys were awake. (small repeat from previous post here->) I had Ki start making pancake batter while Gavin and I hung a load of laundry. Connor cooked the pig bacon and Gavin did one fast batch of turkey bacon. It gets cooked in the microwave and only takes 3.5 minutes. Dashnyam woke up in the middle of that time (thanks to a call from me) and he was assigned the task of cooking scrambled eggs. I got another load of laundry started, then we sat to our breakfast. Ki adds pecans to my pancakes!

While we were eating breakfast, I read the first section of our Story of the World (history) book.

After Breakfast Gavin and Connor did a little Japanese study (and science research). I looked up times for the farm, for pumpkin engraving, but they didn't open until 1 and Dashnyam had to be at school at 2, so we'll do that later. We all went to the park instead. We first stopped by Target to buy a soccer ball and an inexpensive Frisbee. The boys enjoyed kicking around the ball and throwing the Frisbee- at the same time. They did a little pond-rock-hopping, walked in the 'wooded area', and then we had lunch at Burger King.

At home Dashnyam got ready for his meeting at school while Connor and I hung clothes out to dry. then I took Ibuprofen and went to bed when Gina picked up Dashnyam for his meeting. I fell instantly asleep. It was one of those deep coma-like sleeps.
I woke up an hour later and found that Dashnyam had been home for a while due to the meeting being canceled. He has to be at school tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9AM for the meeting about his class schedule.

While I was checking my email and still feeling half asleep, Dashnyam came and asked if he could help clean anything. I pointed to the kitchen (where the dishwasher was open) I told him to get the other boys and put away the dishes from the dishwasher. He went in the kitchen and started washing dishes. I got Ki and Connor to help him with clearing the dishwasher, then had Gavin wash a couple dishes. I brought in the laundry and washed the rest of the dishes. If it weren't for the prompting of Dashnyam, I'd have just zoned out till time for Bible Study.

I had G&C check on that college class, which they were dropped from the list, but can sit in on and hope they can be accepted if there is room. Turns out the class was in Lompoc!
I am not driving an hour Tues and Thur for a class they are just sitting in on an off chance they MIGHT get to take it. I was pretty disappointed, but that's how the cookie crumbles, I guess.

All 4 boys were playing Halo when I got home from Bible Study. I never even asked what they ended up getting themselves for dinner.

(CLICK HERE to read DASH1 blog entry)

PICTURES from today-

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