Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Had The Talk....

So, I has to have the talk with my young men today. That talk parents have once the children reach a certain stage in life. I gathered them together and handed them notebooks and pencils and then proceeded to give The Talk.

The "What do you plan on doing this year in your education?" Talk

Ki has requested an acting class and will be doing the Apologia General Science this year (to get a firm base from which to choose his science next year).For Science I asked if he wanted to make the syllabus or if he wanted me to make. He wanted me to. Then I asked if he wanted me to just tell him something like "Start on Chapter 1 and there is a test in 2 weeks over chapter 1" Or if he wanted what to read daily or weekly. He asked for a Weekly Plan, He asked for a WEEK PLAN. So instead of "Monday:read pages 1-4, Tuesday read Pages 5-6 and do experiment, WED: read pages 7-10.." He wants me to plan "Have read pages 1-15 by Friday and have done the experiment listed on page 6".

I told him that he has reached that stage of life and education which requires me to keep a transcript of his classes and what he's learned, so I want him to chose 1 area (in science or math or whatever) and work through it, so I will feel comfortable saying he did, in deed, take "Biology" or "Algebra" or "Culinary Arts" or whatever. I asked him to make a decision on what he wants to learn in math and then to make a plan on how to do it. He said he'll probably choose KHAN academy for math. I told him to give me a plan. To write something like how much time each week or each day. Or he can plan to learn "X" amount of sub topics each week"....

I asked all the boys, yes even the almost 18 yr old, to give me a short term reading plan. A few books they want to read and their personal goal of when they plan to have them finished. Again, Ki prefers the almost-daily goals, like "read 45 minutes a day" instead of just "have the book finished by Thanksgiving"

I gave the older 2 the same talk about Math- Choose something to learn (Trigonometry, Prob & Stats, Calculus, etc...) Then figure out what resources (KHAN, Take a Class, Use a text, etc) and then a game plan,. It can be general like "complete the course by March" or as specific as "Do 1 section in the book a day" or "Complete 6 online tasks at the particular website a week"The older 2 are doing Computer Science. Their Computer Illustrations class at the local college is 8 hours a week and whatever they need to work on at home.

I told G&C to think of something else to learn.. a language, a new art they don't know, a time in history, a country.... make a plan of how and when. (Ki's Acting Class fills this gap for him)I also told them that this plan does not have to be for the whole school year. We'll try their plan for a couple months then they can decide if it is working (or I might have to step in with some structure)

Gavin already decided on Calculus and Japanese and, I think, Lord of The Rings. (we'll see if that changes by Friday)

They are to have their list, plans, goals, schedule ready by Friday and we'll go over what they come up with. They can hand write or email it to me. Gavin prefers to email me these things usually.

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