Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here I sit. You can't see me here sitting, but I assure you that I am. In fact I an sitting in my bed. Which could explain why I am tired.

have a lot of thought, but they all seem to be overlapping each other, vying for my attention. Each trying to be the first to get out og my head and into this weblog.

I think I need to go eat dragonflies while the prisoners thoughts fight it out amongst themselves.

**** passage of time ****

I am back from lilypad hopping and dragonfly eating . . . and happy to announce the winner of the fight (for dominance amongst the thoughts).... * The Scheduling Thought*
I have decided that the best way to live on a public school schedule while home schooling is to adapt our homeschool life to fit the public school schedule, while trying to maintain some freedom. I think it may be a losing battle. The best place to start is the beginning. So we will all have breakfast together with Dashnyam on Mon, Tues, and Thursday. Mondays- because every other Monday is Collaboration Day- which means Dash's class starts att 9:55 instead of 8:30. So every other Monday will be a relaxed, later, breakfast together. and Tues & Thursday was chosen because those are Ki's Mornings to make Breakfast.

***passage of time - to watch a few minutes at Netflix, go downstairs to get my phone- stop to talk to Ki about something, get distracted by Gavin explaining his chemistry lesson and ask for money to buy milk, tell the boys they all need to be off the computers at 4:30, then come back to blogging ***

Thee next thought to rear it's head is the "what I did today" line of thinking.
8AM: hear the alarm and debate actuallly getting up.
8:10- decide to lay in bed and check my email.
8:17- I am now downstairs making bacon and french toast and calling the boys in to eat breakfast.
8:30- Breakfast and reading Story of the World, have Dashnyam finish getting ready and packing his lunch.
remind the boys to check the borad for their school work and tel them I want their chores done by 9:30.
9:06- drive Dashnyam to school. I wanted to go on campus with him to make sure he found the correct place to get his pictures taken for this ID and the yearbook. It ended pup being NOT the building I was originally told so I was glad I was there to ask annd find the right place.

around 9:30- drove home, grabbed a cloth grocery bag, biked to Von's for yogurt.
10- I realize I still haven't had breakfast, so I grab a protein drink. I bought a few at the store the other day for mornings like this.
Then I take the clothes out of the dryer, because it doesn;t work and I have to go hang the clothes. I remind Ki to not bother with the dryer, to set the basket by the backdoor next time. I then go hang the clothes on the clothesline.

Edit some photos on the computer. Research, call theater class places for Ki. Read to Ki from a science book.

I have the boys help clean in the kitchen and then I make the marinade for the Tandorri Chicken. (for Tuesday) I clean up from that, split the marinade in half. Half for the chicken half for extra sauce). Then I get the clothes from the washer and take them out to hang them.
By now it is around noon and I grab lunch. around 1, Ki says he is going for a bike ride. I tell him I was getting ready to bike to Trader Joes and he can join me. So much for a nap after lunch.

We get home at 2:13. just in time to tell Gavin to go get Dashnyam from the school. I had not been paying attention to the time so it as a good thing I got home when I did, or Dashnyam nay have had to figure out to walk home on hs own. I am having Gavin (and something the others) walk him to school and back. I figure it gets my boys out of the house and a little exercise, it gives me some time in the house alone IF II send all of them.... and gives Dashnyam a few days to figure out the route. I think I may keep 2 days a week I send ALL 3 boys to walk him to school- for the entire school year. So I have a few minutes quiet. we'll see how that works out.

it is now 4:10. Gavin has gone to the store because he thinks we do not have enough milk for potato soup. I think we do, but I think he plans on making a boatload of soup, so he can have soup all week. The dishwasher is running. The dishwasher is running and I need to go bring the 2 loads of l sundry in from the line.

****passage of time**** (so you not mistakenly think I write these entries all at once)
I'm back. The laundry has been brought in, G&D picked tomatoes, C&K cleared the dishwasher, G made potato soup, D helped prepare the salmon, Brian and I drove to A.G. to buy an extra-long twin mattress for Gavin...

and now it is time for dinner.
Here are some pictures from the weekend...... and links for other Dashnyam Blog Entries

I should do some yoga, but am tired from my 2 very short bike rides.



SMILEY CHARGING AT HIS MOTHER while unleashing the cry of a banshee--->


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