Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plan & Dash

Dashnyam survived 72 hours of gaming. He usually was in bed by 9, though the rest of us were up till 2AM often.

He played some new games and even taught a game of mine to a couple kids there.

I think we almost have our scheduling worked out.

Mon & Tues we will all eat breakfast together with Dashnyam- 7:30 AM
Other school days, Dash will get his own breakfast. My boys will have their morning computer time that ends at 8. Then Breakfast and jump right into school.

I think "after school computer" will be from 3-4:30. So all 4 boys have their computer time at the ame time instead of it feeling like there is always some kid playing on the computer.

some days I will have work/projects for my boys to do with Dashyam- to keep him involved and communicating.

Dinners will be around 6. 4:30-6 will be somce kitchen cleaning, helping me cook, or doingn their projects/activities with Dashnyam.

All times are subject to the random temporal shift that exists at this location.

I would like for my boys to be done with their schoolwork at 3 (about the time Dashnyam gets home from school)

So we are working on a schedule with the boys- what I want done / what they want done how much of each.

Ki makes breakfast Tues & Thurday.

Most 'chores' arond here are "do what I ask, wen I ask for help" So there are real assigned work other than GCK have 1 morning job each and everyone neds to clean their own eating place. I try to find something for D to do each daly. Today he helped bring the laundry in from the drying lines.

For School here:
G is doing calculus. he chose is math and made his goal and decided an our day shoud suffice. Tody after finishing his caclulus he was figuring out how to talk to aliens using math.

G&C are working on their chemistry. I want them to get through this course and want them to do 1 module every 2 weeks, but they can determine how much ti8me ech y they need to make that work.

K has his Apologia book, notebook prcased one with fill-ins) and his audi CD to listen to the book. Brian put Ki's Audi CD on the iPod for easy listening. I think listening will really help Ki's comprehension.

C&G are self-teaching Japanese. I asked them to do an hour a day, but I think 30 minutes a day s fine, esp if they practice with each other nd G downloaded the Japenes audio lessons to his iPod.

C is doing Statistics & Probabilty. His book is back ordered so he watching videos at and I will see if I can find some problems online for him. He said Khan doesn't have problems to do, jst videos, and that made him sad. he says stuff like that often- never with a sad voice. He is just being Connor.

I an still looking for classes for Ki.

Ki is doing whatever math he wants at Khan. 45 minutes a day.

THIS will be a very structured school year for us!!

Here are some pictures from the gaming conference:

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