Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mallard Feces

me: "You like spinach. and Blackberries. And Carrots. Do you want some?"

Gavin: "No."

me: [stirs it around...] "You know what this looks like...??"

Gavin: "Why do you think I said 'No.'."

me:"it kinda looks like diahrrea"

Gavin:"I was thinking Duck Poop."

me: "you're right, it does look more like duck poop. I should name today's juice concoction, Duck Poop. No, let's go with something a little fancier.. How about I name this one "Mallard Feces." ?"Gavin:"Maybe just "Lake Scum"

me: "That is a bit less off-setting."

Today's juicer came about via a different path than normal.

Gavin was Jonesing for the blackberries I had on the counter, saved for my juicer, so I asked him if he wanted some of my juice before I added spinach. He did. So I made juice with Blackberries, 2 pears, 1 carrot, and a slice of ginger for Gavin:

I like the layered look to the juicer stuff....

I poured half of it into a cup for Gavin (after I stirred it)

Then the half that was still remaining I added a bunch of spinach. ('bunch 'as in the 'bunch' from the store, not just 'some large amount')

and 3 more carrots......

It was not gross. It was not lunch. but a snack. Lunch was a protein bar, excedrin, and a nap - a need resulting from too much driving yesterday- in the dark.

Did I mention that Dashnyam has learned to ride a Bike?

Brian taught him.
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