Thursday, November 10, 2011


WOW, I knew it had been a while since I last blogged... but I could have sworn I last Blogged early-mid October. I guess not!

So I owe you all an apology, a few catch-pup blogs, and I owe Julianna a big THANKS for taking the time to ask me where I was and get me motivated!

October-- We took a family trip to Omaha to attend a neice's wedding. Dashnyam was going to with Gina's family. She is the Exchange Student coordinator, but then they found another host family (who had a boy from Germany at the time) foor him to stay with.

long trips make me kinda not-so-healthy
So I came home to spend a week and half sleeping up right on the couch drugged up on Ni-Quil.

Then we had too get caught up on schooling and Clean the house because the Exchaange Student Halloween party was held at my house.

Gavin is signed up for the December SAT. I think I'll sign Connor to take is this spring, too.If he wants.

The boys had a science test a few weeks ago. I let them use their notes for their test. (hoping to motivate good note taking). Gavin had a it of a cold that week so he only had notes for half the chapter. Connor told Gavin that he had his notes, so Gavin sked if he could use Connor's notes. I said "Yes"--because I know how Connor takes notes.
We get to Panera (because that is where we take science tests. Hey, some families have their Sunday Waffle tradition, we have our Science Test at ith Sugar annd Caffiene tradition)
C&G are taking the test, G is asking C a lot of stuff.... I later ask Gavin how it wet using someone else's notes.
Gavin said he'd have been beter off taking hhihs notes on just half the chapter than using Connor's notes. I asked him why half notes would be beter than Connor's notes on the whole chapter.

He said "MOM, Connor didn;t have notes!! He had ONE SENTENCE for the WHOLE chapter!!!"
I laughed nd said "I know. Connor doesn't take notes."

connor just never takes notes, never has. He got a 95% on the test.
Gavin got a 90%.
they were looking over their tests together and I hear Connor say to Gavin: "Why did you get that one wrong?? I told you what the answer was!"
Gaviin: "I thought you were wrong."

I said "Really Gavin? He told you the answer aand you still missed it??"

Gavin finished up the chapter 5 notes after the test. (so he'd have them for the quartly test)

a couple of days ago Gavin posted on Facebook:
"Today I wanted to look some stuff up so im looking up...
the Geneva convention and the hague conventions as well as the avalon project laws of war. "

Somedays I am not sure he is even my kid. You could't pay me to research political/law stuff.. and I don't even know what the sat 2 thing are that he looked up....
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