Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Truth Is......

Truth Is...I am posting this blog so that no one thinks that I was abductd by aliens or have fallen down a cliff.

Truth Is... I am typing this post all on the little pop up, on-screen touch keyboard, because I am too lazy to turn on the blue tooth keyboard and make sure it is synced with Ivan.

Truth Is... It is good , for someone, to have only gotten a day or two to agree to an exchange student.

Truth Is... I will have to think very long and very hard about every doing a full school year exchange student again.

Truth Is... I don't mail Christmas Cards. Maybe a homemade one to grandparents sometimes, but that's usually it. I let go of that stress years ago.

Truth Is... I think I am ready to move back to Ohio.

Truth Is... I have had th boys reciting scripture before computer time. It makes mmfel a little better about their too much time spent on the computer. They have 3 different passage/vexes eah week (just 2 on the first week). [1] a verse they already memorized in the past. [2] 'last week's verse. [3] a new verse for the week.

The 'past' verse is one they know well, the 'new this week' they write out and read to me on Monday, can read or recite Tuesday through Thursday, but have to recite by Friday.

Truth Is... Dashnyam can say some of the verse with the boys.

Truth Is... I think it is time for a Paid Jobs week.

Truth Is... I made a surprise for a friend. After I give it to her, I will post pictures.

Truth Is... I will ride my bike today. If I post it, I feel obligated by guilt to really do it.
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