Thursday, September 15, 2011

Truth Is.

TRUTH IS.... I have been married for 20 yrs now!

TRUTH IS.... my boys were the main feature on the front page of the newspaper.

TRUTH IS.... Ki turns 15 tomorrow.

TRUTH IS.... those were not in keeping with the whole 'Truth Is Thursday' spirit, but were more of a Mommy-Hijack of the Truth Is... Post.

Deal with it.

TRUTH IS.... if it were not for Julianna, I'd not have even remember I needed to blog something.

TRUTH IS... I have heard "OOOPS" so many times while my son was making the banana bread, I am a little afraid to taste it.

TRUTH IS... I have control issues. It is killing me to not know exactly what Dashnyam is learning every day. I found out today he had a test today. And there is a Parent Teacher meeting tonight, but I have an anniversary date with my husband so can't attend. it is kiiling me to not bee on face-to-face talking terms with his teachers on a regular basis. I wish I could just homeschool him.

TRUTH IS... I need to find aa better way to post pictures to my bog while using the iPad, right now I have to go to the main PC to add pictures.

TRUTH IS... I remember having more stories to post, awesome ones, at that. But I am brain dead from an overly busy schedule and have totally forgotten all of them.
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