Sunday, September 18, 2011


The above treats I made for my friends at church. They are Peppermint Patties. Ki had asked for a big one for his birthday, s I decided to make a batch of regular ones while I was at it. I wrapped mine in foil and put heart stickers on them.

2 things-
[1] they were DE-LISH-OUS !!
[2] they were VERY VERY MINTY
the recipe calls for a mere 1/4 teaspoon of peppermint oil. That stuff is PO.TENT!

Last year I bought a little Summertime Kids cookbook.
We have never used it. I decided it was time it got some use.

I got out my Post-It flags. I have 4 colors. I marked 1 dessert and 1 main dish for each boy.

Today they drew straws tiny pompoms from fuzzy bag to decided who got to be chef on Friday.

Ki is making the main stuff (actually, he is making grilled cornbread, and he'll help with the main dish, but the cornbread was the recipe from the book)

Gavin is making Orange Torte. It is a fancy ice cream cake, I think.

I think I might make fettuccine with bolgnese sauce. I'll have Dashnyam help me.

also, on the topic of food.......
You may have noticed that a little over 2 weeks agog we got back from a 4 day gaming convention. Not healthy eating.
You may have noticed that Gavin had a birthday 2 weeks ago. cake. ice cream.
You may have noticed that last week, we went out to dinner twice for our anniversary.
You may have noticed that we had taco & cake on Friday for Ki.
You may have noticed we had pizza and a giant peppermint patty Saturday.

Soon, you may notice my hips are subsequently wider and more jiggly.

HENCE, it is Juicer Time! I want to do a 2 day Juicer Fast. This takes some pre-work. A juicer fast should be proceeded by a week of abstaining from caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and they say wheat- but I am not that crazy. I will try to limit it though.

I will post about my juicer journey, for those who are interested. Those not interested are still free to read and comment. :)

Oh, here are pictures showing how I made ONE GIANT PEPPERMINT PATTY. It was 9" in diameter.

I made a 'double broiler' with a medium sized pot and a metal bowl. I melted the chocolate chips (Ghiredelli bittersweet) with a Tablespoon of Shortening.

I used disposable foil pizza pans...

CLICK HERE for the recipe
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