Tuesday, September 20, 2011

J.P Day 2

Today when I left on my bike to ride to Bible Study it was COLD. Not only was it COLD, but it was actually drizzling. I made it 3 blocks and turned around and drove the van. I am a Bicycling Wimp. But I can say that I started my day with a brisk 1 mile bike ride.

When I got home from Bible Study, my 15 yr old son, Ki, decided he wanted to make juice in the juicer. He likes to do Kiwi and Strawberries (with half an apple to make it 'juicier')

I suggested he put in a sice of ginger- which he did.

(Ki has also decided to severely limit diary because it's not really all that good for you, and can be a bit..'binding'.. which triggers his reflux.)

I then had my turn at the Juicer. I started with a couple handfulls of spinach leaves. There is not juice to those things, so a couple of handfulls ends up looking like 3 Tablespoons of juice.

but WOWSER, is it GREEN!

Ki saved me 1 kiwi, 1/2 an apple, and 5 strawberries, so I addded those.

it was still looking VERY GREEN, so I added a couple handfulls of grapes. Really Dark ones. almost black. I want the spinach for the health benefits.. NOT the taste!

It looked pretty. But was still looking quite green and I thought it would taste nasty, The grapes covered the spinach taste well and it wasn't nasty at all.

I don't expect super-yummy treats, it is juicing for health- NOT yumminess, but I don't want anything too yucky. This was actually kind of good.

Then Ki asked why the juice in the fridge is clear, but when he uses the juicer it isn't. By 'clear' he meant 'not thick'. Iexplained that juice from the store is usually more like having juice squeezed out of the fruit (and adds water sometimes), but the juicer squishes up the insides of the fruits, too- making it thicker(and healthier).

The Chai Latte did not call to me today, but the chocolate covered peppermint patties did, so I will have the boys eat those today. I am denying that the Ding Dongs even exist in the pantry.

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