Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Mongols are coming!

WOW, I bet that was VERY VERY UN-P.C. of me. Very... UN.
on Sunday we will go to the local airport here in Santa Maria to welcome DASHNYAM to the States and to live in our home for 2-4 months. He is an Exchange student from Mongolia. He's 17.

I am googling and Wikipedia-ing all about mongolia. Becuase.. now this is where my ignorance REALLY starts to show... all I think of when I think of Mongolia are nomads dressed in layers of furry tunics with their mountain goats. and how can a family like that afford to send their kids to America for 10 months??

another very NOT P.C. thing to say or think I guess. But, how was I to know??

Wikipedia says that half the population in Mongolia is nomadic. It also says that Mongolia is a Parliamentary republics with a non-executive President. I am not fully sure what that means. I guess they are ruled by a prime minister that can not carry out the laws or make new ones??? one more thing to research....

But the house is pretty clean. This was all last minute. I got a phone call Monday- got the OK from Brian Tuesday, Gina told me we needed pictures of the bathroom, boys room, kitchen, etc- to put in our application. . . that night. So the boys and I cleaned like mad.

HERE is the online profile for Dashnyam, the student.

here are the pictures we posted on our application...


Why, yes, that is a stuffed turtle we rescured from a scummy pond hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen picture on our application... Every Well Decorated Kitchen has a pond rescue turtle hanging from the ceiling, don't you know...

Living Space:

after I uploaded our Living Rom picture to the application site, I noticed the picture of Gavin's eyeball in the table. That's just how we roll. I am just glad I removed the 2 skulls from the kitchen shelf before I took that picture.

Family Members:

The hot pink streaks in the hair don't send the wrong message do they??

this has me all choked up and teary..... from all the dust that was flying in the air from them moving junk off the floor and fromo under the desk....

and now, here are some random picture I took recently that make me smile:

oh, how'd this get here.. this is the boys' bathroom.

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