Monday, May 19, 2008


it is kinda what we do... unschool. we just aren't Radical Unschoolers. I guess maybe it's Quasi-Unschool.

I was asking my boys some questions about school (unschool type things). Like if they wanted to just do whatever they wanted next year and decide on their own even if they want to read or do math etc.... (radical unschooling). They all said no, that's not good. They like that they tell us what they want to be when they grow up (what they want to learn) and ask us to help them learn what they need to know in that area. They said they don't totally know what they do and don't need to know, that's our job to tell them what they need to know. And then we let them choose in what order to learn things or how to go about learning the needed things, etc. (they all 3 want to go into robotic engineering - both design and building)

We talked about how some homeschoolers use curriculum and lists that tell them what to teach, when and how. They said that sounds like public school. They are happy with how we choose what we learn, when and how and don't go by 'grade levels' or expectations of other teachers.

(I wonder if they realize that by them choosing to not radically unschool, they are still unschooling. I have offered this to them before- to do whatever they want in regards to school and they all said they wanted me to make sure they learn what they need to know. They know that careers they want will require a good deal of education and they don't want to miss out on needed knowledge)

And we talked about how it's OK to use curriculum or expert advice if that's what works. (b/c I don't want them to think 'our way' is better or anything like that. Our way is just.... our way and everyone has their own way)
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