Thursday, May 29, 2008

It'll be a pain...

-- getting these cats from Ohio to California. They have to fly, because we are taking 2.5 weeks to drive and see sights. Brian's parents said they'd drop the cats off at the air port. I called yesterday to see about flights. The cats can't go the normal way- from Ohio to Dallas to Santa Barbara, because they won't fly pets if the temp is above 85. So they will go from Dayton to Chicago to LA to Santa BarbaraI called the airlines to confirm about the cats and get their tickets.

turns out you can't buy tickets ahead of time. It's a First Come-room available thing.
So who ever is taking the cats just goes to the airport, goes up to the ticket counter, sees if they have space for the cats and then pays to have them on the plane. Sounds like a lot of hassle for Brian's parents.

My dad is taking the cats to the vet, because they need a health check before they fly, but not more than 10 days from thier flight date. We'll be in the Grand Canyon at that time, so My dad will have to take them to the vets.
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