Sunday, May 4, 2008

buying stuff

This will be the first school year we are buying some actual curriclum. not a whole curriclum, but a few things. This will be our 8th yr homeschooling.
$45 for Apologia Physics for Gavin (we got the complete text &tests on CD Rom)

$12 for two reading books for Ki (history of famous people stories)
"When the Were Boys" -childhood stories of famous men like T.Edsison, Wright Brothers. Alex G. Bell, Roosevelt, Taft, And many more.
And a book on Martin Luther. Ki's hero (not M.L.K. )

$20 for animal exploration activity workbooks (Ki)
-- --

$10 for Ki's Froggy Mathbooks he likes (Ki likes workbooks)

$3 for a geography activities idea book (for me to get ideas-not a workbook for them)

$158 for A.C.E. elective workbooks for all 3 boys

$240 for the online math program we tried and Brian said he wants to continue for the next school year.

I forgot about that onlinemath expense. it's a big one.
We've not bought this much for the school year before. The boys wanted to try something alittle more structured nd plannedout and Brian and I wanted something a little easier to document/grade for Gavin's High School Transcript.
hopefully no more spending except for paper, pens. notebooks, etc

ALL OTHER CLASSES/LESSONS will be independant studies, projects, unit studies, and games.
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