Wednesday, April 30, 2008


my 13 yr old completed his math. He was doing an online math program. He started it in January and has already completed his level! It was a generic 7th grade math. (nothing specific, little bit of everything). They have a little pie chart that the kids fill different slices (like a multiplication slice, algebra slice, geometry slice, etc) and have assessment tests. His pie is full. I'm not sure if they will do a final assesment or not.

The pie slices get filled when he's mastered a concept. so I guess I can give him an A since he filled the entire pie!

Gavin is getting pretty close, but is stuck and Brian needs to help him. He forgot to last night. I wonder what would happen if we had them in Public school, Brian is always too busy or forgets to help them when they ask (Say "In a little bit......." until it's bedtime)

Ki is.. well. he's Ki. He's great in acting, theater, bible, history..... but not reading and math.
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