Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Hundred Fouteen

Gavin did some reading this morning about the Econimic Stimulus Plan. I emailed some links to him. I knew he'd enjoy reading about how much money the government has, is in debt, plnas to give total, to just our family and all those other number facts.

Gavin wants to learn about Economics when we start school this fall, so I thought it's be a good little head start to send him a couple emails with interesting links like that.

Connor's aleks math lessons are 98% complete! They just had him start another assesment test. Hopefully it's won't set him back. Every now and then, after an assesment test they will loose a tiny bit of a pie slice.

Ki is enjoying his acting class, but I need to help him with his lines this week. He has a second script now. I need to find out when he is performing. Maybe grandparents can come see him. He'd like that.

Still no word on Brian's Orders. We'll be here till he gets them. And it's very up in the air when he'll get his orders.

*(this is post # 114- hence the post title)
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