Friday, May 16, 2008


We don't test the boys. I did once witht he older2. It was a cognitive test, not a placememt/grade level test. Brian insisted in the boys being tested after our 1st yr of homeschooling.

We have been doing portfolios/assesments very since. Brian has been ok with that. Just barely I think.

When we move to CA, there will be no testing/assesments required at all. I wonder what Brian will do. I mentioned it to him and his reply was that he wants the boys tested. But that could have different meanings I guess. I think any ol test will do if he decided he really wants them tested while we are there.

He doesn;t really have the whole grade level mindset anymore, but he wants to make sure they are kearning/progressing. which I think he should be able to tell just being a parent, if they are learning and progressing.
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