Monday, May 19, 2008

Ki and his math

to be a robotic engineer, the boys know they need to learn math. Ki wants to learn and tries hard, but it's slow going for him and often hard to find a way that works well for him to learn math. There have been times he's decided to switch from maybe multiplication to graphs when he gets stuck. He does better when he makes the decision and the plans. I found an online math program. My husband really liked it and made the exectutive decision we'd try it for awhile with the boys.
Ki kas good days and bad days. He wants to be able to do it, but it is clear he needs something more. He needs more hands on.

My husband really likes this program so we will continue it with Ki (and the others) But Ki wants to go back to using his Froggy Math workbook. So we will. He wants to finish working on fractions (which is what his froggy book is about) and I think he'd do better if we added some hands on stuff. So I am looking into Math U See for fractions, to go along with his froggy Fraction workbook.

I was a bit upset about Ki and his math last week, but am over it now.
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