Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Airplanes, Germs and Mechs

Today was the last day of our ALEKS math account. We will use it again when we start school up. Gavin wants to learn PHYSICS so he'll do the trig lessons on ALEKS and they also have some Physics Math lessons.

Gavin completed about 98% of his ALEKS lessons. Ki finished about 91%. Connor completed all of his level. So, if we did grades, i;d have given them all an A.

I put a few drops of Germ Killer (that antibacterial gell for hands) onto our fuzzy petri dish. It'll be initeresting to see what happens to the bacteria in a day.

Yesterday we went to the hobby store and swabbed their cash register keyboard and their Bucket-O-Dice on the counter. (everyone plays with those dice!) and we swabbed Bob's old icky card deck. He keeps saying how gross and full of germs it must be. I'm not sure how long germs live on cards. I acually swabbed the kitchen sink before I cleaned it and added it to Bob's card swab dish. for the fun of it.

Ki bought a new game yesterday. It's really an add-on for a game he already has. Memoir-44. It's a game about D-Day. He loves history. and it is 2 player game. With hi sensory disorder games with more than 2 players is just too much for him.This add on included little airplanes. he has been reading throughthe rules and the new cards. They have little info cards for the airplanes and he has been reading those.

One of the airplanes is a ME109. he thought the 9 was a 'g'. they do look a lot alike. So he said "I think this one is called Meg."I told tomorrow he can teach me to play and I want to read his airplane cards that describe the panes. So I have a game date tomorrow with Ki.

Gavin has been reading his new Battletech Techinal Manual. He did some trig today onhis last day of Aleks. I had to help him. He must have missed he explanation of using the calculator functions.

Connor is playing Memoir 44 with Ki today. He also played MechWarrior on the Computer. And he read somestuff online from the Ant Show we watched yesterday.
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