Saturday, February 4, 2012


I sit sipping some yummy tea with milk. It is tea we brought bak with us frm India. I follow the instructions and always forget they brew it STRONG so milk can be added. I wanted tea without milk today. Oh we'll. it is very good.
If you want to read about our trip to India (2007) you can read
HERE: My Trip To India

Gavin (18) loves to sketch and draw on the computer. He has a Bamboo Tablet and is teaching himself Blender 3D right now. He has an art account at DEVIANT ART. (chech it out)

He also Live Streams 3 nights a week. (he has a link to his live stream on his Deviant Art Page, you can go there M,F,Sat 8-11PM-PST and watch him draw and chat)
He takes requests.

I requested an IGUANABOT.
This is what he drew for me:

My new friend at LAMBAROUND nominated my blog post. Over a week ago. Had I noot been sick, I would have found out sooner and actually had a link here for you to go vote. You can still click the picture and go read her post, it has other fun blogs nominated you can go read. and then you can pretend you voted for me last week.

Yep, I am sick. I have this latent virus. I got it when I was in high school and was really sick for a year or so. Now that virus lays dormant in my cells and when I get too tired, stressed, etc, it wakes up. It woke up lasst Sunday. I basically just has a nasty cough, myalgia in my upper arms, a sore throat, headache, and of course general lousiness.

every time I get it, my lungs get worse and the coughing is worse annd the breathing is more difficult. I am finding most dogs bother me these days (inside)- even ones I don't notice the smell, still make my chest tight. Cologne Smells and cigarette smells are worse, too.
YEAH for getting old.

My boys are at the mall att at tournament for M:tg. (Magic The Gathering). they have requested 'money jobs' this month. (we don't give theem an allowance, but they can request extra work to earn money)

So, I will have some more Kashmiri Chai and brain storm housework I have been dreading and putting off- and I will pay my kids to do it.

for the LEMAS BREAD POST... in which  Ki  Smiley makes Elven Lembas Bread for a long journey with his fellow LARPers...
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