Wednesday, February 8, 2012

packed in ice

Gavin: "I can handle it myself"
Me: "O.K. I just didn't want you to cut off a finger."
Gavin:"It's just a finger; I won't die. Besides, the ER is close."
Me: "You'll have to walk, so pack your finger in ice so they can sew it back."

[Gavin trying to make a movie of himself making guacamole, cutting avocados while holding the iPod]

If he succeeds, I will post it later.

I visited a bunch of blogs today and left a bunch of comments. I have been browsing the SITS site.

It always makes me think of hemorrhoids. Those sitz baths things......

I am not even sure what SITS stands for. Possible "Support Is The Secret"-- it's a supporting other bloggers website. (the little pink circle button can be found on my side bar over there --->>>>

They have a Featured Blogger almost daily. It's fun to read new blogs. esp with me being sick in bed for over a week. I was feeling bored today. I know I need to stay in bed doing nothing until I am ALL the WAY well... no running about catching up on errands at 90% better for me.


I was checking my STATS page, it seems my post about the Sketch Class I planned for my boys gets a LOT of views. 26 views this week is a lot for my little blog. It's from 2010. It's not an exciting post. But a well planned out syllabus- if your interested in helping your kids with a little Sketch Class.....
I wonder what KEY WORDS in the Google search pops up my homeschool sketch class post...??

That's all I have for you today. enjoy.
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