Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes my children laugh at me...

[Happy Day-Before-Candy-Is-On-Sale-Day]

Often, they laugh at me, actually. But I'm sure it is a good hearted, loving way.

On My way to my doctor appointment I saw something that instantly caught my eye nd I had to pull over and snap a few pictures... I wish I had  more time, but didn't want to be late to my doctor appointment...

here is what I saw that called to me....

Yesterday I pulled over to take pictures of strawberries.....

I was wearing Gavin's sweatshirt jacket the other day. He says to me.
"Hey, you're wearing my jacket!!

I look at him and say
"you are wearing your jacket, too, so it's OK."

I love to say stuff like that to him... He just says "what???" and shakes his head.

Or like the time he came to my room and I was in bed watching a DVD. he asked me what I watching...
I replied with:
"My new Pilates DVD."

That was llast year. He still laughs becuase I was IN BED watching an exercise DVD... instead of DOING the exercises.

I tried to explain to him, that I have to watch a new DVD FIRST so I know what to do... (anandan turn down the volume and not have to listen to the annoying lady while I exercise)- he just doesn't get it.
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