Friday, February 24, 2012

Frankly it's Friday!

Frankly Speaking-- I forgot to do the Truth Is thing on Thursday.

Frankly Speaking- it was a long day of phonoe conversation on Thursday. It was more like a 'Thirsty for Run- Thursday"
Frankly Speaking- we will go back down to just our own 3 high school boys. Dashnyam is once again not abiding by the rules and his signed contract and is getting moved to a different house.
but I really shouldn't say much, I guess.

Frankly Speaking- my boys hung a Bag of Socks from the ceiling....

And I have a Ninja- he uses a swirling Ninja Star of Destruction to chop things to little pieces!

He used his swirling bladed powers to make Lentil Flour...... half 'fine' and half 'coarse'- so my flour is just 'mildly coarse'....

I will be making Chicken Tikka Masala tonight. and Papdums (lentil wafers), and Kachumber Salad, and maybe Naans....
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