Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The boys are designing games today and playing them with each other. it explains why they forget to wash their hands when theu use the bathroom. They often make up games. They love to do what I guess is role pplaying games- but they just talk them. they don;t move pieces on a hexboard or dress up in parts they just have someone that tells an open ended story and the other two choose actions and tghe storyteller tells what happens based ontheir actions, etc. They have differenr skill levels and sytrenghts. they have different weapons and armor with different abilities. they collect money and experience pints... but they keep all the info in their heads! no wonder they forget to flush the toilet, theur brainis are too full of their gamestories!

Today they are making up games with dice. dice games are a big hit at our house.They are using Plastic Pyramids (treehouse game by ) It's a great little game, it is a stack of 15 pyramids and you can add on a couple more stacks or a chess board and dice and play ALL KINDS of diffrent games and the company encourages people to make their own games and list them on the website.

I guess today is another UNSCHOOL day. they did their reading and some math games, then decided they wanted to spend the afternoon designing games. So I let them.

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