Thursday, January 24, 2008


January 24, 2008

I still have a migraine today. I think it is worse than yesterday.

I told the boys they are in charge of school this morning and I’d do more after a little bit.
Gavin and Connor read Story of the World. I put Ki in charge of Criss-crosses (they sounded like a herd of elephants), Gavin in charge of Body Scales and Connor in charge of Hook Ups. Then Ki picked 1 of the 2 DNA dvds to watch.

They asked “what next” after that. I couldn’t think, so I told them to get a snack.

I told them to get their list of spelling words and spell their list in Sign Language a few times.

Ate lunch (leftovers for me. Ki burnt his MAC&CHEEZ). Took a shower. Told the boys to play Beat The Clock Multiplication facts 6 games each (each game is 40 seconds I think). That’s enough math for today.

Then Ki came and asked me what he should do for writing. He asked if he could write in his story for writing today. I told him he could do that or he could draw 3 random Nanofictionary cards and make a story about them. He thought a bit and decided to just write in his story. I think he didn’t want me to bother with getting out of bed to set up the cards. Which I did for Gavin and Connor anyway. Told them to write 20 minutes. They can make it up, write about their day or draw 3-4 Nanofictionary cards.

Not bad for a migraine day! It’s nice they are old enough to follow some simple directions.
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