Thursday, January 17, 2008

From January 15, 2008

Mostly a great day.
8:30 AM – Orthodontist appointment. Connor ad a broken bracket, the panoramic X-ray didn’t work, he got springs and his teeth ache. G&K asked DNA Survey Questions of 5 people. Recessive trait for thumbs takes the lead. Pinkies are neck and neck. But Dominant in all others is winning already.

9:30 – Breakfast at Java Café. They Survey the gals in the knitting group that meets there. There were about 8 there today! Big Group! Dominant is everything except those thumbs! Though pinkies are still kind of close. Gavin and Connor took turns reading out of Jesus Freaks.
- then a couple errands to stores on that shopping strip-

11:30 we get to the little strip mall with the Game Store. I thought they opened at 11, but they don’t open until noon. So we go to the Dollar General store and to Subway to get food to bring.
12:10 arrive at Krystal Keep. Ron was there. It was good to see him. He’s a really nice guy. We haven’t seen him since August. His baby is now 5.5 months old. Maybe next time he’ll bring pictures.

Ron asked the boys why they weren’t in school today. He does that all the time. He knows we homeschool and thinks that’s great. He just likes teasing the boys. The boys survey Ron, Bryce and a few others.

We played a game of Thin ice. With our own rules, better suited to kids with ADD/HD. I’ll post picks later. The Store owner came in and stops back to say hi. All the ‘regulars’ always stop by to say hi to me when I’m there. I guess I am almost a regular, too, though.
The store owners remarks that it must be field trip day. I told him it is “Critical Thinking Skills Day” and also “what school looks like when you are at the in-laws because your house stinks of paint”.

Thin Ice was fun. Ki didn’t do well, be he has dyspraxia. He really enjoyed just stacking pyramids and making designs. Gavin and Connor tied on the last round and we went one last round. Gavin ended up winning.

We took a break and the boys surveyed about 10 more people. Then we played Aquarius. 3 times. Connor seemed to enjoy it. He has been in a game playing mood lately.
They surveyed a few more people. Even Bob went along with being surveyed.
Then we played Volcano. Ki is getting better at that game! It takes the kind of thinking needed for Chess.

We left there around 4:30. Volcano with 4 people takes a while. We stopped at our house to feed the cats and get the mail. I found my camera, but my phone is still MIA.
We then drove to Grammy’s house.

5:30 - arrive at Grammy’s house. Brian pulls in at the same time. The boys want to watch one episode of The Tick before we leave for Dinner. They hadn’t watched TV since Saturday Morning cartoons; poor deprived kids.

After Skyline Chili we drive to our house so Brian can set up the modem and get online to process some online stuff. I took a shot nap in my bed.
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