Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow. It is the 21st already. It’s going to be February soon. And Friday is Connor’s Birthday.

As a kid, I always thought MLK day was MILK day. My brain makes up words where there are none.

Still no news on the California position. Hopefully by February we will have our answer.
Considering the HIGH temp here has been in the high teens, Vandenberg sounds nice this week. It may not get much about 75, but it doesn’t go much below 40 either. I am getting too old for the cold. I love to watch the snow from the warmth of my house or even car, but it’s too cold to play in for me. Of course it might help if I wore SOCKS!

Brian is off today. Because it is MILK day. He doesn’t drink milk though. So I had some for him. We are cleaning today.

I have been putting books on the bookshelves. I just love when the bookshelves are neat and orderly. I love to just look at the bookshelf with the books sorted by size or reading level or in sets or actually all of the above. I put books for Ki to read in a basket that fits on the shelf. This makes it much easier for him. He gets overwhelmed with choices. So I just put a few in his basket. So at reading time he doesn’t think about which book to read for 30 minutes.

I am keeping a good part of the books on the packing boxes due to the fact that we will be moving the shelves next month to lay new carpet. So the book shelf doesn’t look AS nice as it could, but it’s okay.
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