Wednesday, January 23, 2008


But he calls them Prayer Dolls and is going to make a tag with the Bible Verse 1 Peter 5:7- Give all your worries to God because he bares for you"

The one in all green is what Ki made for Connor.
The boy in red top/blue pants is Jack- the 1st one Ki made.
The cat was made by Connor as was the blonde girl- he wanted to try a skirt.
The one with the red scarf wrap is what Ki made for me. Conpor made the other brunette inpurplpe for me.

Worry Dolls are made by Mayan Children. They telll their worries to their dolls, put them under their pillow and wake up supposedly not worried anymore. Ki says his Worry Dolls wil remind us to give our Worried to God.
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