Wednesday, October 20, 2010



At least we got lightning/thunder/rainbows this week to make it a little more bearable.

The rain has stopped; for a few days at least. I just have a mild headache today.

The boys auditioned for A Christmas Carol, but not enough kids auditioned and they had to cancel that production, but plan on doing something else...hopefully.

I am already planning for J-TERM. I will be teaching Forensic Science. Then the boys can choose their own class for the other half of the day. I have purchased some books and kits through I have saved some websites that have activities, stories, videos.

here are some of the links I have saved for J-Term Forensics:

THINKforensics.UK a site that requires $15 membership- has lots of stuff, I may join. Call it School Fees.

Mysterious Death of Lewis (Lewis & Clark/History- how crime scene might handle it today)

CRIME SCENE: has videos, contests, a store, etc....


the boys have been doing their own thing for school lately, thanks to migraines. I tell them to do Science, Math, reading, and sometimes writing. They are adding a lot of LEGO, Card Playing, and Power Tool Usage to their school plans.


Gavin took the PSAT last Saturday. I'm excited to get the results (December!). It was his first 'real test', I guess, aside from the cognitive scholastics one he took in 2nd grade. He has taken some tests for Physics, but it's at home (or Panera), open notes, lots of time, no bubbles......

He is enjoying his College Class. I went in to meet his teacher this week. I was unsure how to go about that, which I told her. I mean when they are 9 years old you meet their teachers and when they are in College you don't, but what d you do when they are in high school and taking a College class. His teacher said she, too, has a 17 yr old- so she understood my dilemma. Gavin is doing well, working ahead even, and there have been students dropping out of class even! (but of course they are taking full load college and have jobs....)


Connor and Ki are still doing Childcare on Tuesdays for Bible Study and getting paid $10 each, every Tuesday.

Connor has been talking about driving and getting a job' but in his silly, goofy way of discussing that stuff. But, still, he is showing interest! That is a bog change!


Brian has been going away on business trips monthly, recently.

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