Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Got a Brand New Bag!

4 of them. I keep reallocating grocery bags then not having enough when I need to but groceries so I made 4 new bags.

I added holes/tabs so they can hang on the bagger stand.

the tab with which to hang the bag.

Peacock Fabric w/ Orange

The holes with which to hang the bag.

The bag made with lots of scraps and thread bobbin left overs.

and the ducky bag with pockets and hanging holes.


in other news, I think I have figured out what to do with Ki's math for now.
Multiplying mixed numbers is a multi-step process. We will be focusing on just one step of that process at a time..... for as long as it takes.

He had the steps down previously, but seems to have have reverted to not. I think we just put the steps together too quickly for him.

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