Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collecting Evidence for the Upcoming Class

Almost all of the Evidence Bags have been opened. Their seals have been broken. There is no going back now. A couple bags are not opened yet. Gavin didn't get to be a part of the seal-breaking last night, so I saved a couple bags for him and the Exacto Blade, for after his art class. Now I have some brown-paper Evidence Bags for our Forensic Science class! I should have bought red evidence tape to reclose them.

See the little container? It has synthetic blood. It will give a positive reaction with the Luminol Test! The little packets on the lower part of the picture or sample Luminol Tablets for training. Connor was excited and says we should dip our fingers in the synthetic blood and leave finger prints around the house them search for them with the Luminol.

My Acupunturist said he'll work on a scenario for our Forensic Class! I was telling him about my dentist and the saved teeth for our class. He thought that sounded like a great class to do with the boys and said he'll think of what he can contribute, maybe a scenario (since as an acupuncturist he doesn't have 'samples' or 'x-rays')

I Love J-Term!

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