Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elephants & Earplugs

The boys were running though the house this morning. Well, one of them, I think it was Ki. He sounded like an elephant.

I'm wearing my musical earplugs to drown out the sound of...everything. Earbuds & Youtube. It's a Billy Bragg kinda Morning.

So, I've had this stinking migraine for 2 weeks. I'm tired of lying in the dark wishing to bang my head against the wall to relieve the pain and pressure. It does wax and wane with intensity. And I am very grateful that, unlike Ohio where these were year long, they are only during the short rainy season out here on the Central Coast. Though I think that having them less make me more prone to complain about them, because I get used to the 9 months of just a couple headaches a months, so the few months of almost-daily migraines seems more frustrating.

I think I'll call the acupuncture dude and see if they can get me in Monday or Tuesday. That would be nice. Dr. Kandel will follow up the acupuncture with some wonderful acupressure.

I missed church las week due to the intensity of the migraine. Most migraines I just go to church and put up with them. I'm like a functioning Alcoholic.. but I'm a Functioning Migraine-Sufferer. It comes from all the long years and of having to do what needs to be done despite the chronic head pain.

I sit here typing at the computer wearing sunglasses. But I have had enough. gonna close my eyes and listen to music then go to church so I can ask for prayer after the service. I hate feeling this needy and dependent and useless.
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