Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plane & Misery... and tomatoes

The plane flight was miserable. I started feeling pretty dizzy after Take-Off. The Gs that pull me into my seat always make me feel like passing out. Once up in the air, I was still very dizzy and light headed.(sometimes I think I do faint for a couple seconds) Every time the plane changed altitude it got worse. It wasn't nausea , just feeling dizzy, light-headed, faint. My limbs and head felt weak and my heart felt numb somehow.

Brian was a bit upset out layover wad delayed. I was happy. We would of had to run from getting off the 1st to getting on the 2nd. Just walking off the plane made my heart race and made it hard to breath. So I welcomed the chance to sit and rest for an hour.

I often get dizzy and often get heart palpitation. At home I just drink some O.J. & take nap. Then take it easy the rest of the day. If not, if I over-do after my initial warning, I'll ennd up sick for a few days and sometimes I even pass out a few minutes.

So, the Main flight was worse. Brian took my heart rate. Sitting, right after walking the aisle (after take off and we had plenty of altitude), my rate was 75. This may not be a super low sitting rate for most, but my normal 'sitting at rest' rate is about 100. So that's kind of a drop. I was so light headed I couldn't even hold my head or lift it up (I was leaning against Brian). I couldn't raise my arms for mot than a split second either. I finally fell asleep and slept most the flight and felt better when I woke up. I bet the altitude isn't good for my "Lower Blood Pressure"

I could talk to my Doctor, but he might tell me not to fly. So I figured I'd go with the "Don't ask then you won't be told 'no' " philosophy. As long as no medical intervention is needed, all is fine.

After being back on Terra Firma a bit, the dizziness dissipated. But just walking to get baggage and to the shuttle had my heart racing and my vision blurred and good ol' SOB (Shortness of Breath).
I slept or knitted on the drive home. I am very very tired, but happy to be home.

The poor kitty is hoarse. He barely has a voice. He cries non-stoop for more and more attention. He probably cried most the 2 weeks we were gone to have lost his voice.

^ ^ ^ part of the harvest that welcomed me home ^ ^ ^ - along with a handful of Sugar Snap Peas, about 8 Strawberries, and some HAPPY Sunflowers!

^ ^ ^ ^ Ki enjoyed wearing my knit fingerless gloves. ^ ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ Flying atop a blanket of clouds. ^ ^ ^ ^ Brian has a better picture.
Moutains sticking up out of the Cloud Blanket.

^ ^ ^ ^ My Dad's Bearded Dragon ^ ^ ^ ^

^ ^ my mom's fingerless Glove got started on the short flight from Dayton to D.C. ^ ^

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