Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On Pins & Needles

I laid there with about 12 skinny spikes sticking out of my back, neck and head. I could see the loops in the lava colored carpet through the doughnut shaped head rest. I was a spiked dragon flying over the village. I flew in large, sweeping loops as I only had one wing coming out of the side of neck, the other didn't seem to stick out the other side. Some villagers ran away in fear, some just stared, too frozen in shock and curiosity to move. Some just enjoyed the tranquil music playing somewhere off in the distance. With the pikes in my ankles I would sometimes skewer cows for dinner. When I was feeling in a giving mood I would shoot liquid fire from the spikes in my back, erupting in a display of lights and sparks for the villagers to watch and enjoy.

I could not feel the needles in my neck and head, but the ones in my back had this sensation of slight pressure and burning. I had one in each angle that sort of tingled.

The appointment started with lots of questions and information gathering. Doctor Herb Kandel lived in Africa for a while and cam back with a few 'bugs'. He has a virus that lies dormant in him. So he has first hand experience with what it can be like to live with a retro virus, or latent virus. He also knows about Sensory Processing Disorders.

He took my pulse with 3 fingers, saying he was listening to 3 different aspects of my pulse. He felt the muscles in my neck. He was able to tell me a few things that made sense to how my body seems to work.

So far, it all seemed good. He even said he will help me with the Latent virus stuff. and would show me some acupressure things I can use and teach to Ki that will help with our Sensory Processing problems.

After my 25 minutes of lying face down in the doughnut hole table, with needles sticking out of me, I was bored. My mind was bored after the first 10 minutes of not being able to move or get up. Hence the DragonScape story. It gave my mind something to do.

I was a bit dizzy & headachey upon getting up,but also hungry. It was after 5 and I needed some food. And I had been a bit headachey all day anyway.

My friend came over for a quick dinner and to play Settlers of Catan. It was fun. My head ws better after dinner.

Also on Monday I started my Mystery Dishcloth. The lady sends us instructions for about 8 rows each day until it's done. So we don't know what it is we are knitting really. It should be fun.

I was very very tired this morning. I slept till around 10:3o. But NO HEADACHE. Not that I have them every day, but I have had them almost daily for quite a while, although very very small mild ones the past couple days. And considering the busyness of yesterday, a headache would be normal for today probably.

Was it the acupuncture? Was it the extra sleep? Is it just a fluke?

The doctor wants to do a 3 week course of acupuncture and then evaluate. That's twice a week, for 3 weeks. Six visits to the Needle Man.

I am hopeful. But My back still has a pressure/burning sensation down the middle whre my dragon spikes were.

After some food my head was

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