Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How does your engine run?

Ki's engine is running very slowly. It is looking like a bad Sensory Processing/Dyspraxia Day. I hate these 'limp noodle days', or 'watery jello'. That's how Ki acts, moves, thinks, process on these days. When Ki was in Occupational Therapy his O.T. went over a little tool to help us know how he was doing and what to do. It was "How is your Engine Running". His Engine either runs slowly (like he's in a fog, moves slowly,low muscle tone, can't think, focusing makes him sleepy, etc) or his engines run QUICKLY- when he is hyper, Impulsive, still can't focus- but because his brain is hopping from 1 thing to the next to the next, not because just 1 thing makes him sleepy.

Then she went through a few different exercises to try and see which ones made his engine speed up and which helped a too fast engine to slow down.

When Ki's engine is running slowly (which is the usual path he goes on bad SPD Days (SID-Sensory Integration Disorder. my definition of SPD- Sensory Processing & Dyspraxia), sleeping only makes it worse..BUT Sleeping seems like the easiest best answer to a 'tired, slow, sleepy brained' kid.

I asked him what he was having for protein with his breakfast. He repeats over and over:
"Methane. Methane-methane-methane"


without protein added to his diet there is no way we will get past this very slow running engine day.

I am glad I have some errands too run and maybe I'll just go knit at Cafe Noir.
Ki is 13, coming up on 14. He knows what he needs to do to make his engine speed up so he can get things done. He is too old for me to be making him do it. He can choose to do what he needs to do so he can get his work done today or he can choose to have a miserable day where nothing gets accomplished, which leads to him not liking what his tomorrow will bring.

Maybe Ki needs acupuncture, too
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