Monday, July 12, 2010


I did a Juicer Fast today. I had been feeling, not good, from all of the eating out/fast-food type eating on the 2 weeks of vacation. I decided to do a Juicer Fast. So today all I had was stuff made in the juicer.

Except breakfast was a fruit protein smoothie. I have to keep in mind my hypoglycemia and my need for protein.

Boy, that Store bought bakery french bread smells SOOOOO GOOOOOOD. I told the boys to save some for me for tomorrow.

I love being in a some-what small town. I love that I can walk or bike most places in town. The grocery store is about 4 blocks from our house. I usually ride my bike. Trader Joe's is thrice that distance- which is still very very close.

Today I sent Gavin and Ki to the grocery store while I walked Connor to his orthodontist appointment. Connor's orthodontists is only half the distance that the grocery store is.

I should have a few more tomatoes in a couple days. and a couple more strawberries and sugar snap peas. I have some lettuce, too. I think I'll make a salad for myself.

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