Friday, March 13, 2015

New Life for some old dreses

Last blog I posted about my new skirts. I shared the link for one of the patterns and posted how I made another of the skirts (from older dresses I no longer wore). This blog will be the tutorial for the 3rd skirt, another one I frankensteined from old dresses.
here are the 2 "renewed" skirts:

Last Blog told how I made the Red Panel skirt. This blog will tell how I made the white and blue one. (whit&blue has an elastic gathered wait, the red paneled skirt is more fitted with a zipper)
 Here are the 2 dresses used for the Blue & white panel skirt:

both are dresses I wore often and liked! But were getting used-looking.
First, I gut off the bodice (to allow the gathered skirts to lay flat and ungathered)
Then I cut panels out of the white dress, approx 23" long, 28" across the bottom tapered to 10 inches across the top) 

I cut panels from the blue dress that were approx 20 inches long, 18" across the bottom tapered to 12" across the top)

I sewed the sides together:

I them trimmed the top (waist) to the same all the way around and sewed the last seam.
I got a scrap of white cotton and made a waist band. (Cut the white the same length as the skirt, folded in half and sewed the waistband to the skirt, with the fold at the top (the open edges attached to the skirt). Made a one inch casing and inserted a piece of elastic the size of my waist.

 NO HEMMING required! used the dresses original hemmed edges!

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