Friday, March 13, 2015

2 Skirts.

Last week I made a new skirt, from all new fabrics and 2 'new' skirts from old thrift store items. The first skirt was made using a patten I found online for  a J Panel Wrap Skirt.

here are the "frankensteined" skirts. I will give a quick tutorial for them.One tutorial this blog, the next blog entry will be the other tutorial.

The Red&White skirts was made from a thrift store sundress and a youth sized wrap skirt.

I cut 3  panels from the wrap skirt, using the sections of yellow flowers , and made them as long as possible. *top of panels are 8", bottom edges are 18".I did the same with the Sun dress, but more narrow panels (*2inches at the top and 6 inches at the bottom)

*I CUT ALL panels so that I would not have to hem my new skirt, as the dresses I used were already hemmed. *
The Sundress had a back zipper. I cut a panel from the back, cutting out the zipper, so I could just sew this panel to my skirt and have zipper! a NO FUSS zipper application!

*Here it should be noted, that originally, I had planned to make a single skirt with all 4 dresses, but changed my mind, so I had to adjust my panels. I had to add a 4th panel from the red skirt, about the same size, a few inches larger.

SO the red & white skirt has 4 panels from the red skirt (3 are slighter smaller than the 4th) and 4 panels from the sundress(3 are the tapered narrow panels and 1 is the zipper panel)

to finish the red & white skirt, I sewed a strip of bias tape along the waist for a waist band, and used one of decorative stitches.
(I have a huge board of yellow bias tape I got for a couple dollars at a garage sale)

 NEXT BLOG will have the How To for the blue swirly skirt I pieced together.
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