Monday, February 16, 2009

this is one reason

this is one reason why I don't like using curriculum! I don't like that not only do I have to test and grade my son, I have to fix the errors in the curriculum! when the kids were young I'd look at curriculum and find all these things I'd have to fix, rewrite, change- and it was all stuff I could just figure out how to teach them on my own. Then we got to Physics and Gavin needed a curriculum. Brian helps a lot. So looking over this last test, he found a couple errors in the test/solutions and Gavin got a 93- not a 90. It's a fairly good curriclum, but neither Brian nor I are satisfied with it's depth in mathmatical calculations. But all in all. It is very good and I can NOT teach/write lessons for Physics on my own!~ So Brian oversees it and does extra lessons and instructions where needed. The Curriculum is a good guide. I'd just think if people are spending good money and good curriculum they'd not have to go through and fix things. it's not the first test we've had to fix in this curriculum.
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